Coffee x art = YES!

What do you get when you unite the love for good coffee and art? A shiny art print serie titled Coffee x Art 🎉. All signed, numbered and made in the inspiring Amsterdam. Let’s add some caffeinated good vibes to your walls!

Originals on canvas & paper

There’s not only a good selection of art prints on this website, I also have a portfolio of original works. The size, techniques and materials differ. But the goal remains the same with every piece of art: making you happy on the spot and making an awesome statement on your walls. Whoop-whoop!

Wanna be more creative — but can’t get started?

This blog might just provide you the inspiration you’re looking for.

Perfection is boring. Let's create.

I’m Simone Endert. Creating progress, connecting people and making the world a place more beautiful is what makes me tick. Figuratively in my daily job as sr. project lead of innovative programs. And, literally as an artist.

This is my little corner of the web focused on the latter. It’s filled with original pieces of art, art prints and a bunch of artful stories.

Did I say this already? Super awesome you’re here!

Simone’s art was the missing link in my interior. It brought my love for coffee and art together. You can see they’re of high quality and a lot of love has been put in. Can recommend! Tim Schoofs

I have two pieces of Simone: an original and an art print. They’re my first art pieces and make me happy every time I look at them. Thinking about treating your own walls to some bright art? Definitely go for it. You won’t regret it! Lizzy Entjes

Artful blogs

A busy person like I am? Go for relaxation done right

Hope you’re doing well! In this blog I wanna share an interesting update with you 😊 At the beginning of every new year, I think of a theme for that specific twelve months. Something I wanna put extra focus on. In January 2018 I decided on the theme ‘inner peace and...

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How to compose the perfect gallery wall: 4 easy steps

Are you as obsessed with gallery walls as I am? In seriously EVERY house I've lived in, I see myself creating one. I find it's one of those timeless décor statements that works with nearly every aesthetic. Two weeks ago I thought about how to spice up our hallway......

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