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Hi beautiful you!

Lost for inspiration? But do you, deeply inside, feel the desire to be more creative? No need to worry – I’ve got you covered. There’re four simple strategies I use to boost my creative flow. And, in this blog I’m telling you more about them.

My creative flow

Creating freely closely relates to my inner and physical wellbeing. My emotions, thoughts and feelings. And, my body feeling healthy.

For me, it’s all about having confidence in the artistic process. About letting go and pushing boundaries. And, about feeling complete freedom. To simply start creating. Instead of waiting-and-waiting for a clear, mental outline of a piece of art.

In one of those creative moments I recently created a serie of coffee infused artworks. You see one below. It’ll be part of my first serie numbered and signed art prints. I’ll release them before the end of June 2018. This includes an expo in one of my favorite coffee bars Back to Black (Weteringstraat 46)

Your brain as creative paradise

Reaching this creative flow closely relates to how you use your brain. It’s about two things:

1)     Your left AND right side of the brain working together – increasing your ‘brain power’ five to ten times!

2)     And, your mind being in a state of deep relaxation – the so called alpha brain waves. This is the perfect state for both learning and creating.

Image credit: Celnutrition.com.

Four strategies your brain (and creative thinking!) will love

1)     It all starts with general physical well being.

·        A.k.a.: move that body! Finish with a cold shower. And, eat and drink the right things. Your beautiful brain loves all that stuff.

2)     Your mental well being is key.

You can boost this with a couple of things:

·        Positive thinking. Think highly of yourself and of the world around you. Have an attitude of gratitude.

·        Spontaneously try new things. Follow your curious nature and never stop learning.

·        And, mucho importante, regular relaxation. This is one of my biggest challenges. Things that help me are breathing exercises, meditation, chillings with friends, being in nature, or simply enjoying my cup of coffee. Just find out what works for you and do it every day. 

3)     Set clear goals, deadlines included.

·        Your brain is a goal seeking device. When it comes to creativity I for example set myself the goal to release my first art print series by the end of June 2018.

4)     Make your surrounding space works for you.

·        Everything we perceive immediately changes us psychologically. A space that’s inspiring, light, comfortable, has fresh air, and that’s decorated with plants and art greatly boosts our brain. Our thinking and creativity thrive in a brain-friendly space.

Just a friendly photo of one of my city trips (Berlin) that in particular combines strategy 2 and 4 mentioned above 😉 Plus, love the sign. Had to share.

Let me summarize: your brain is your best friend

So, to get your creative thinking in party-mode the basic rule is this: be nice to your brain. Wanna give the four strategies a shot yourself? Your creativity will definitely thrive. I promise.

Any thoughts you wanna share? Let me know in the comments.

Many thanks for reading and being here!

XO, Simone

PS. If you find the workings of your brain as fascinating as I do, the book Gebruik je hersens – werk slimmer, win tijd (English version also available) might be a great tip.


  1. Arlette Van Lint

    Heerlijk inspirerende blog en super leuke nieuwe art print serie! You go shining power woman!

    • Simone

      Thanks chickie! En, tot morgen 😀


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